At a recent meeting of Westbury Park Methodist Church Council it was decided to ask for permission under Standing Order 611 from the District Synod to merge the accounts of Westbury Park Methodist Church and St Alban’s into the Ecumenical Parish Council and to place all rights and responsibilities of the local trustees into their hands. The recent circuit meeting agreed to pass this on to Synod (which meets in September). A new constitution and building sharing agreement needs to be finalized but we hope that all of this can happen by Christmas this year.

This should not affect the current building users in any way – indeed, we hope to further develop community use in all of our buildings. This is the obvious next step in our partnership and we hope that all concerned will benefit from it.

At the same meeting, the church council also decided that the time had come to stop Sunday morning worship at Westbury Park Methodist Church. So from October all worship will be United Worship at St Alban’s. This does not mean that the building will not be used for worship – indeed we hope that all sorts of worship will happen there, but that it will not be in the same form as we have been used to.

~ Emma Langley

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