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Our Church is not currently open for in person worship

Our church is meeting Online and Outside.

Online and Outside

Right now we are doing church differently, we are doing church in two different ways; Online and outside.



Share with us in Worship online via our YouTube channel. Follow the link here to find all of our services and ‘Thoughts for the day.’

If you would prefer to listen to the service on your phone or if you know someone who does not have access to the internet but would value listening to the service. Then they can call 01173253917. This number will play a recording of our latest service. Or you can ask the office to send you a DVD or CD is that would be helpful.


Feed, Talk, Pray, Walk – donate to those in need by using the Foodbank Shed, come to the Listening Bench for a chat or to get things off your chest – Saturday, Sunday from 3-5pm, Plant a prayer in the prayer planter by the door of the church hall, Walk the Labyrinth painted in the church car park.

The Current Sunday Service

Want to follow along?

To get the Order of Service for this service and all our Christmas services click here: online covenant service 2021

Coffee after Church?

Why not make a cuppa after the service and head over to Zoom to drink it with other members of the congregation?  The link is in our weekly News sheet.

Daily Morning prayer

you not spend some time in your morning praying with us using the video below, there will be a new one each week

Thought for the Day

If you would like to view some of our older services and thoughts for the day click the link below to be taken to our YouTube page with all of them on there.

To see our Safeguarding policies and page please follow the link here: Safeguarding page