An Art Exhibition on Loss
July 2nd to 9th
9am to 5pm Daily

From the 2nd – 9th July, St Albans Church Bristol will be hosting an exhibition by artist and first year ordinand  – Chaja Verkerk, on the theme of Loss.

A multimedia art installation comprising different mediums – textile art, paintings, photography and poetry. 

Inviting all to explore and engage in different kinds of losses, the process of grief and how we all experience mourning.

Does losing a loved one feel the same as losing yourself? How do you accept losing things you never had?

Are we allowing ourselves to grieve about a job rejection or do we only permit ourselves the ability to grieve on big impact events within life such as the loss of a loved one or climate crisis?

Following the cycle of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance, this exhibition hopes to conjure open conversations about Loss in a time where it can sometimes be hard to connect and share with others.

The exhibition will be open daily from 9am to 5pm, 2nd of July till 9th of July 2023.

For more information see:

Official opening on the 2nd of July with a Requiem mass at 6.30pm
This will be combined with an open choir invitation “Come and Sing Fauré Requiem” everyone is invited to join in the choir. Rehearsals start at 3.30pm in St Alban’s church, and will last till 5pm, where tea and cake will be served and there is the opportunity to have a look at the exhibition. The service will then commence at 6.30pm

Spoken word open mic hosted by Chaja Verkerk on 4th of July at 7.30pm

An open mic will be hosted by Lyra’s Slam Poetry qualifier Chaja Verkerk on the 4th of July at 7.30pm. Speakers are invited to share their poetry about grief and loss, not just heavy and sad texts but also about acceptance, moving on and finding grace in the moments in between. Writers are invited to share one piece, with a 3 minute time limit. If you are interested in reading your work, please send an email to


Bereavement café in the church on the 5th of July at 11am

An open door Bereavement Café will be hosted in St Alban’s church, by Reverend Emme Langley. A space to gather and discuss loss, in any form or shape, but also to share joy and and exploring all the aspects of loss and finding. Coffee, tea and cakes will be provided by our lovely Church volunteers. No need to reserve your space, and feel free to pop in as long or briefly as you would like

Other events TBC

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