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Currently, we are doing church online
and in person at 8am and  10.15am.


We are meeting in St Albans at 8am for a simple Holy Communion. Breakfast Group follows at 9am.

And we also meet at 10:15 For a  simple said service of Holy Communion every Sunday. Masks must be worn. There will be stewards to guide you.

We are now singing a hymn at the start of the service and  after the service in the car park. And the choir and congregation are are now singing the Gloria, Sanctus and Benedictus.

Coffee and tea is now also available after the service and the hymn in the car park. Please bring umbrellas if it looks like rain is likely!



Share with us in Worship online via our YouTube channel. Follow the link here to find all of our services and ‘Thoughts for the day.’

If you know someone who does not have access to the internet but would value listening to or watching the service please ask the office to send you a DVD or CD if that would be helpful. If you don’t have a CD or DVD player then we can restart the telephone option – just let the office know.

The Current Service

             Want to follow along?

To get the current Order of service click here: Ordinary. Time booklet 2021

Coffee after Church?

Coffee is now being served outside after the service (bring an umbrella if it looks like rain as “in Church Hall if wet” is not a current option!) As a result the online Zoom coffee meeting has been dropped – please let us know if you miss this as it can be restarted if there is sufficient interest.

Daily Morning prayer

why not spend some time in your morning praying with us using the video below, there will be a new one each week.

Thought for the Day

Each week Revd Mike has been recording a “Thought for the day for the day”

The latest is in the video below

Play Video

If you would like to view some of our older services and thoughts for the day click the link below to be taken to our YouTube page with all of them on there.

Click here

To see our Safeguarding policies and page please follow the link here: Safeguarding page